About - Heather Smith Photography

A little about me...

I've done photography for most of my life, starting in 5th grade with my father giving me his twin reflex camera and a roll of 120 film and pushing me out the door.  I gravitated towards nature, and it has stuck with me my entire life. 

Although I have always done photography, the last 10 years I have focused on honing my landscape & macro photography skills.  I have also discovered a passion for creating abstracts with my photography, which will be constantly evolving I'm sure.

One of the things I love most about nature photography is how it allows me to engages all of my senses. Smelling the earth as I walk in the woods, watching how water flows over rocks, and how light moves across objects. I find the process of documenting this to be a very zen experience, and I hope when looking through my galleries, you can see this in my work.  Photo credit: Elizabeth Summers Photography


If you would like to purchase a print, or license an image, please send me an email.  I hope to get direct purchase set up on my site soon, but I also like to personally work through the purchase process, making sure that each image is dialed in perfectly depending on final output.

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